Bishop Noll encourages community by fostering all the human qualities that are necessary for developing it: openness, caring, trust, valuing each person, and willingness to serve.
In this spirit each person is expected to:
  • exert a positive influence on the school’s environment;
  • work in harmony with others;
  • be tolerant of the views of others; and,
  • be more eager to find solutions than to criticize.
The school community gives ALL of its members responsibility for the whole. The BNI community works to fuse Christian living and academic goals. In this spirit, the administrators, faculty, staff, students, and parents should have common academic purposes, but should also experience an opportunity to share in a community built to Christ. The joys, sorrows, problems and victories of one member of the community should be those of all the members as they work, play, pray, and celebrate the Eucharist together.
Bishop Noll Institute, a diverse, Catholic college preparatory school, partners with local faith communities to empower young adults to live their faith in Christ through ministry, scholarship, and leadership.