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    Bishop Noll is dedicated to ensuring that the latest and most innovative resources are being used in its classrooms. A 1:1 iPad program, which provides every student with an iPad, along with constant technology updates ensure that students have access to the tools and skills they need in high school and beyond.


Bishop Noll’s 1:1 iPad initiative provides students with the technology necessary to be successful in this digital age and allows them to expand their learning possibilities infinitely. Detailed information regarding this program can be found here.

Innovation & Technology

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Innovation & Technology

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iPad Program

Bishop Noll began its 1:1 iPad initiative for its students in the fall of 2018. This program provides students with the technology necessary to be successful in this digital age and allows them to expand their learning possibilities infinitely.

The decision to adopt iPads as the 1:1 device was simple: they’re cost-effective for the school, they’re mobile, they’re representative of this generation’s technology, and they allow students to express their creativity through technology. As an enhancement to our challenging curriculum and our skillful faculty, the iPad is a tool for students to nurture their already-budding skills necessary to be a 21st-century thinker, such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, social responsibility and technology literacy.

As always, Jesus Christ is the driving force behind this initiative, and as we strive to cultivate future change makers of the world, our primary goal with this program is for our students to become digital citizens through Christ.

iPad FAQs

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  • Do I have to purchase the iPad?

    No. Bishop Noll will cover the cost of the iPad, its case, and 3 years on an AppleCare warranty. You will be responsible to pay for the iPad if it is lost, stolen or damaged in a way that is not covered by AppleCare. That cost is $550. Any device that has been broken will be sent to Apple to be repaired or replaced. The student’s family is responsible to pay the AppleCare+ service fee, a minimum of $53, each time a device is broken.

    After attending Bishop Noll for four years, the student will have the option of purchasing the iPad after graduation for $1.
  • My child already has an iPad and/or iPad case. Can she/he bring that one?

    Because educational apps will be provided by Bishop Noll, all students must use a Bishop Noll-issued iPad and assigned Apple ID for classroom instruction and activities.

    Bishop Noll will provide all students with a hard rubber iPad case. In an effort to protect the iPads from damage, only the provided case will be allowed with the iPad. If a student abuses, damages, or vandalizes the case, he or she will be charged for a replacement.
  • I don't have wifi at my house. How is my child supposed to complete their assignments at home?

    Bishop Noll has wifi available throughout the building. Students can work on homework assignments before or after school in Bishop Noll’s student-centered media center. Additionally, all assignments that are shared with students on the internet can be downloaded and completed offline. When the student returns to school, he or she can connect to the wifi and submit assignments.
  • How will my son or daughter know how to use the iPad responsibly?

    All new students will receive iPad training on orientation day. At this iPad bootcamp, students will learn the basics of using the iPad as well as learn how to use any apps necessary for their semester’s classes. All families were mailed a responsible use policy, and the rules in that policy will be reviewed with the students during iPad bootcamp. The technology rules and responsible use policy can be found here.

    Students who transfer in to Bishop Noll later in the school year will watch a condensed webcast of the bootcamp online before they receive their iPad.
  • Will my son or daughter be able to charge their iPad at school?

    There will be no charging stations available for students, so all students should come to school with their iPad charged. The battery on the iPad maintains a significant charge, so a fully charged iPad will last more than an entire school day. If a student is playing games, streaming videos or doing anything else non-academic that may cause their battery to drain, he or she will lose iPad privilege for the rest of the day. If a digital assessment is to be given on the iPad in class and a student does not have the required battery life needed, no extensions or alternate deadlines will be given to the student. The teacher reserves the right to give a 0 on the assessment.
  • Will all of my child’s books be available electronically?

    Bishop Noll is transitioning into making our course curricula available in an electronic format. Some texts, like the science text books, are already digital. Other course texts will still be given to the students as hard copies. However, most course materials (homework assignments, notes, supplementary readings) will be posted on Google Classroom and accessed via the iPad.
  • Do students purchase the apps for the iPad or does the school pay for them?

    Bishop Noll will provide all required classroom apps for the students.

    All student Apple IDs will be managed by Bishop Noll and associated with Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for Education, so students will not be able to download apps with their Bishop Noll Apple ID.
  • Will students be able to login to the iPads using their personal Apple ID?

    Students will be able to sign out of their Bishop Noll Apple ID and sign in with a personal Apple ID; however, it is required that the student be signed into his or her Bishop Noll Apple ID in every class. One of the responsibilities of being a digital citizen in the 21st century is to learn how to keep personal and professional information separate, so any personal apps or information associated with their personal Apple ID should be shared to the device with caution as all iPads will be managed by Bishop Noll through an MDM. Students have access to all of the Apps and iBooks in the Apple iTunes Store with their personal Apple ID. Any customization of the device must be in compliance with the Bishop Noll Responsible Use Policy.
  • What if my child’s iPad runs out of space?

    Through the school’s MDM, (school management program for the iPads), Bishop Noll can delete personally downloaded apps, images or videos or reinstall deleted content necessary for class. The school can also wipe a student’s iPad if the amount of storage is reached. Any jailbreaking or ownership of inappropriate content will be met with disciplinary action or, if necessary, police intervention.
  • What if the iPad breaks? How is physical damage or theft of an iPad covered?

    Each device is covered by an AppleCare warranty, which includes two damage incidents. Apple will repair or replace the iPad; however, the student's family is responsible for the service fee of a minimum of $53. Any additional incidents of damage must be paid in full by the student’s family. Neither Bishop Noll nor AppleCare covers loss or theft. A student whose device was lost or stolen must reimburse Bishop Noll for the total cost of $550. Damage to the case/keyboard, charger or charging cable is not covered by warranty. The student's family is responsible to pay for a new case/keyboard or iPad charging accessory if damage is inflicted upon it.

    Will loaner units be available during repair?
    There may be a few extra iPads to loan out during the school day, but students will not be able to take these home.
  • Will students get to keep their iPads over breaks and after graduation?

    All iPads will be collected and serviced twice a year-- during Christmas break and summer break. Upon returning to school in August, the student will receive the same iPad. If a student transfers out of Bishop Noll, the iPad must be returned. If it is not returned, the family will be charged the full amount of $550.
    Upon graduating from Bishop Noll, students will have the option of purchasing the iPad for $1.

Technology Staff

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