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  • Next Production: Little Shop of Horrors

About the BNI Theatre Program

BNI Theatre Co. is Bishop Noll Institute's performing arts department located on-campus in Hammond, IN. The company performs two productions a year: a fall play and a spring musical. The theatre company is open for anyone to join in any of the following positions: performer, stage manager, lighting technician, sound technician, prop manager, set construction, set design, makeup artist, hair stylist, costume designer, and many more. Whatever you have a passion for, BNI has a place for you!

In addition to our regular performing arts company, BNI is also involved in International Thespian Society.  This is where our hard-working actors and technicians have the opportunity to be inducted into BNI's esteemed award-winning Thespian Troupe: Troupe #3873. For years, this distinguished troupe has had the ability to compete at the regional and state level. With such an legacy, the troupe holds itself to a high standard of theatrical performance, staying true to the values set by professional broadway performers while also creating a warm and accepting environment for whoever needs a loving theatre family!

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  • Kayle Konkle, Theater Director

    Mrs. Konkle (Mrs. K) teaches Theatre Arts, Speech and Film Study. She has her degree in Theatre Education & Acting from Ball State University. She is the director of the fall play and the spring musical. She also is the head of the Drama Club and Thespian Troupe.

Our Curriculum

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  • Theatre Arts I (Intro to Theatre Arts)

    Within this class students will be introduced to the foundational skills of theatre. This includes exploring and experimenting with the three key Actor Tools: Mind, Voice, and Body. This will be achieved through Pantomime, Voice work, Improvisation, Monologues, Group Scenes, and Character Study. Within this class students will also study basics of technical theatre through learning stage directions, various stage vocabulary, and creating their own renderings. 
  • Theatre Arts II (Theatre History)

    Within this class students will be exploring the rich history of theatre. This exploration will take students through different time periods and major theatre movements throughout history and how they have impacted heatre as we know it today. We begin with Ancient Greek and Roman Drama and move through Medieval Theatre, the Italian and English Renaissance, Pre Modern Idealists, and finally to Modern Day. Not only will this take us through time but also through different cultures and countries. Throughout this semester, alongside studying the history, students will also perform monologues and group scenes from the great playwrights of many eras.
  • Adv. Theatre

    Within this class students will be exploring and studying various aspects of theatre arts in a more in-depth manner. Students will begin by studying major Acting Methods/Techniques and their practitioners. From there we will move onto exploring other forms of theatre such as Children’s Theatre, Musical Theatre and Ethno Theatre. Second semester will give students a hands-on opportunity to put on the hat of a director and direct their own text based and devised scenes. By the end of the year, students will have grown not only as actors but as theatre artists.
  • Theatre Production

    Within this class, students will be exploring the realm of theatre outside of the Actor. We cover a number of skills & careers that are required to create a successful theater production that typically take place off stage. Scenic, costume, makeup, light, and sound design will be a strong focus as we research what all truly goes into a director's concept and vision for a production. We will be working with and learning hand-on how to safely use power tools, light & sound boards and other production equipment. Students will also put on the hat of a playwright & critique using their newly discovered knowledge of design and concept. 
  • Speech

    Within this class students will not only gain valuable public speaking skills but also build strong self-confidence and communication abilities. Students will study speech building techniques and strategies as well as research, prepare, and deliver a number of speeches throughout the course. These speeches include informative, demonstration, persuasive, and ceremonial speeches to name a few. Students will also explore the tiers of building confidence and what aspects and characteristics create a strong leader.

Brian Barragan ’23

It was a fun experience being a lead in my first ever show. I wish I'd done it sooner!
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