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  • Explore the Fine Arts Program

    At Bishop Noll, all students are encouraged to explore their artistic side through a variety of courses in the fine arts.
In traditional art classes, budding artists can explore different media and techniques including 2D art and ceramics. The newest additions to the arts department include Digital Design and Photography. In these courses, students engage in learning experiences that encompass a variety of fields from journalism graphics, digital design and art, web design, photo production and editing and more. They learn to create designs and photographs utilizing a variety of industry standard software and equipment.

Opportunities in the Arts

In order to showcase the many talented artists at Bishop Noll, students are asked to design Thanksgiving and Christmas cards to be printed and distributed to Bishop Noll alumni and families. Art Club members create a project each year that is auctioned off as part of Bishop Noll’s Big Event fundraiser. Past projects have included a Warrior art stool and a painted key holder.

Art Club students have the opportunity to showcase the artwork they create in Art Club on the Bishop Noll campus as well as outside art shows in the larger community. 

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  • Incorporating Art in Other Courses

    With a focus on being an elite STREAM school, with STREAM standing for science, technology, religion, engineering, arts and math, artwork also finds its ways into several BNI subjects.
    • Bishop Noll Intro to Engineering students work on automata projects, where they create a prototype and design all parts on the AutoCAD program OnShape. The end product is a machine with moving parts. There are standardized parts printed for students, and the fun part is when they get to personalize automatas to their own design. Some students design parts to be printed. Some use wood and carved designs from the scroll saw. Students assemble the box and use the drill press to make the holes. To finish, students paint their designs and have the option to make decorations out of foam board or 3D printed items.
    • Theology students create posters depicting the holy Trinity.
    • World Language students celebrate other cultures via holiday celebrations and field trips to the Mexican Museum of Art in Pilsen.
  • Future Success

    Many Bishop Noll art students have great success in the arts and beyond. These students take the skills they learn in art classes and apply them to their college life. Others continue to pursue their art beyond college. 

    Julian Wisniewski ’20 is enrolled at Colombia College Hollywood pursuing a bachelor’s degree in visual effects and animation. 

    While a student at BNI, Julian’s digital artwork was featured on the art show program cover. Another of Wisniewski’s digital pieces was featured as a Bishop Noll Christmas card.


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  • Jen Gwiazda
    Ms. Gwiazda has been teaching for 16 years and this marks her 6th year at Bishop Noll. She received her bachelor's degree in secondary education biology from DePaul University. Ms. Gwiazda teaches science and art courses at BNI and also moderates Art Club.
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  • Hannah Lareau
    Ms. Lareau is a faculty member in the Fine Arts Department, teaching Digital Design and photography. Ms. Dominiak is a 2012 graduate of Bishop Noll. She previously worked as a newspaper designer locally, an art director in Chicago, and in social media marketing/advertising.

Our Curriculum

Julian Wisniewski ’20

“I just love the action of making something. I think making art can tell you a lot about someone. The things I draw are just things I’m interested in, and if you see it you can tell I like that thing I drew and that I am good at drawing based on how well I drew it.”
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