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  • Young Alumni Testimonials

Matthew Salazar, Class of 2022 (received more than $1.1 million in college scholarship offers from 21 colleges).

"Choosing a high school four years ago was a tough decision. I decided to attend Bishop Noll even though I did not know many people. As my high school career came to an end, I realized that I made the right choice to attend Bishop Noll. The relationships I made here with the students and staff is something unbreakable and the experiences and memories made are unforgettable."

Matthew, who is studying business at Purdue University in West Lafayette, attributes his success in part based on his decision to attend Bishop Noll instead of continuing in the public school system. 

Adrianna Alvarez, Class of 2022 (Drama Club member, Speech Team member, cheerleader, track and field athlete, National Honor Society member, Student Council member)

"The Bishop Noll Fine Arts Department inspired me during my four years here. To see these confident young men and women show their skills in the arts is phenomenal. To see the hidden talent in students you walk past every day is inspiring. To see these talented individuals express who they are without being judged is something special."

Emily Lynch, Class of 2022 (Biology Club member, Drama Club member, volleyball player, STEM camp counselor)

"Walking into Bishop Noll and being able to represent a diverse world of people who all have the same passion for learning as I do makes me feel like a Warrior. Even after graduation, I take the Warrior pride and wear it proudly. Once a Warrior, always a Warrior."

Megan Sullivan, class of 2018 valedictorian (majoring in pre-med at the University of Notre Dame)

"The best part about Bishop Noll is that it is the perfect size to allow students to become well rounded individuals. At a larger school I may have been forced to focus on one sport or have to pick being involved on an academic team over other extracurriculars. Many nights I went from cross country practice to a soccer game and then to DC theology class at Calumet College. I was able to be involved in many clubs, sports teams, and all the while growing in my faith and discovering my true interests."


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  • Parent Testimonials

Daniel Buksa '84, Father to Elizabeth '19, Mary '21, Luke '23, Grace '24 and Abigail '26

As a 1984 graduate of BNI, I personally knew the value of Catholic high school education. BNI laid the foundation for my success in college and law school. When I had my own children, there was no doubt in my mind that they would follow my footsteps to Noll.

The primary motivation for sending my children to BNI however is its Catholic identity. We live in a town whose public high school has been ranked 4th in the State of Indiana. But as the Gospel says, what good is it to gain the world but to lose your soul.Is BNI perfect? No, but with God on our side, we cannot lose. I see BNI as a partner to my wife and myself as we raise our children to be not just strong Catholics, but more so, defenders of the faith.

BNI also offers other tangible benefits. First is its small size. Teachers are much more assessable and most classes facilitate more 1:1 learning. Second is the amount of extra-curricular activities in which the child can participate. Many large public schools limit the child's ability to explore and discover what meets her interests and needs. My children have participated in varsity sports, band, journalism/yearbook and other activities. BNI is also demographically diverse, mirroring our changing society. My children's exposure to other cultures will give them an advantage as they go off to college and into the ever-changing work world. Finally, BNI is another family for my children, with a tremendous network of alumni and former faculty.

Juana Valdes, mother of Sebastian Valdes

"Bishop Noll Institute was the only choice for my son Sebastian. It provided the faith-centered environment and academic excellence he needed to grow into the young man that he is today. The spiritual retreats and family-like community helped him build long-lasting relationships not only with his peers, but with dedicated educators and administrators who mentored him throughout his four years there."
Bishop Noll Institute, a diverse, Catholic college preparatory school, partners with local faith communities to empower young adults to live their faith in Christ through ministry, scholarship, and leadership.