High School Academics

Bishop Noll Institute strives to become a center of academic excellence, where students pursue the full measure of their God-given intellectual development within a challenging—yet caring—environment.

As a vibrant 21st-Century institution, Bishop Noll seeks to prepare its young men and women for their roles and responsibilities as Christian adults in our global world. Our focus reaches beyond information collection or job preparation; we strive to enlighten students about their full potential for action in the world—action that embodies the spirit and presence of Jesus Christ. This goal of action, based on sound understanding and enlivened by contemplation, urges students to self-discipline and initiative, to integrity and accuracy.

Our core curriculum follows this philosophy of enlightenment and action:

English - 8 semesters
Theology - 8 semesters
Social Studies - 6 semesters
Mathematics - 6 semesters
Science - 6 semesters
Physical Education - 2 semesters  *Students who participate in BNI sports may receive PE credits.
Health Education - 1 semester
Beginning Speech - 1 semester

Bishop Noll also prepares those students wishing to reach their fullest potential by offering courses leading to the Indiana Academic Honors Diploma and CORE 40 Diploma. These courses of study, recognized by the State of Indiana, offer graduating seniors preferred status on Indiana college and university applications. They also guarantee financial assistance for colleges and universities in Indiana.

College-bound students may take advantage of Bishop Noll’s Advanced Placement, ACP, and Dual Credit (DC) courses which afford students the opportunity to earn college credit. Fourteen courses are offered: Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Drawing, English Language and Composition, English Literature, Advanced Environmental Science, Government, Music Appreciation, Spanish, Advanced Speech, Statistics, and U.S. History.

In addition, students who exhibit academic excellence are invited into Honors English, Honors Math, and Honors Science classes.