School Board

The Board of Trustees shall have as its primary concern the ministry of Catholic school education: the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of the students. The Board of Trustees, operating under the guidance of the Diocesan Schools Office and the Superintendent of Schools, and in conformity with the policies of the Diocese of Gary and consistent with the policies and plans of the Diocesan Education Commission, shall concern itself with planning and policy issues pertaining to the general excellence of Catholic education at Bishop Noll Institute.


Board of Limited Jurisdiction

Most Reverend Robert J. McClory, Bishop

Dr. Joseph Majchrowicz ’73, Director of Catholic Schools

Jeff Cipowski ’83, Chairman

Mark Cloghessy ’76, Vice Chairman

Dr. Jeffrey Kristoff ’63, Secretary

Rev. Jeffrey Burton

Larry Kalina ’69

Patrick McCloskey ’77

Dan Markovich '98

Dr. Alex Molina ’98

David Skibinski ’76

Wallene Swentko ’63


Foundation Members

Terry Quinn, President

Marlene Vega Coulis ’79, Vice President

Rev. Dominic Bertino, Treasurer

Courtney Hilbrich Markovich '95, Secretary

Kenneth Wilk ’66